Devizes Market Cross, Wiltshire

devizes market cross after repair by minerva

In 2000 Minerva cleaned, repaired and recarved various elements to this interesting monument. Riddled with original construction phase corroding ironwork, many stone elements were irrepairable and had to be recarved and refixed on stainless steel fixings. A plaque attatched to the side of the cross records the sad tale of Ruth Pierce, a widow from the village of Potterne whose death highlights either the power of superstitious thought or of divine retribution, depending on your point of view.

She was one of a group of women from the village who had come to Devizes market to buy grain on January 25 1753. An inquest heard that Mrs Pearce and three others bought a sack of grain between them. When the women came to settle up their money was threepence short and it was claimed Mrs Pearce owed it.

detail of devizes market cross