St Michaels's & All Angels, Highworth, Wiltshire

As is common with many churches sited on hills and elevated situations Highworth church is dedicated to St Michael, Internally the nave with its four bay arcades date from the 13th Century and later fine fan vaulting in the tower are also featured in our photos.

Our involvement here is primarily the conservation of some of the larger monuments and the existing plaster and stonework, (internal windows, vaulting etc), cleaning and complete redecoration of the interior.

The 1959 Christmas number of the London illustrated News reported that a blank- featured ghost "is said to haunt the parish church at Highworth, in Wiltshire", and that "the figure was seen by the verger as recently as 1938". An eye witness has stated that "instead of having an ordinary face, the figure had a featureless grey blank, though where the eyes should have been were sunken dark shadows".

The redecoration was mainly be undertaken using our own handmade pigmented limewash.

all angels highworth

minerva pigmented limewash at all angels church