Kilmersdon, SS Peter and Paul.

Nell Pickering lead the team that conserved the Hunky punks and tower of the Romanesque and Perpendicular Church of St Peter and St Paul, set in the deep rolling hills of Kilmersdon in Somerset. Details from our comprehensive blog here

Nell has had many years experience working in conservation, beginning with a four year apprenticeship with St Cuthbert Conservation which started in 1992. Having worked as a community artist prior to this she already had a keen eye for form, line and colour, a practical understanding of many different materials and an ability to manage many different age groups. She joined Minerva Conservation in 2004 and has overseen many conservation projects such as St Stephens Church tower in Bath and the lime conservation project at Newton Park (Bath Spa University).

The north aisle at Kilmersdon supports the most impressive cast of characters. Unusually their purpose was not to remind the parishoners what they may encounter if they were to stray from the path too often, but were designed as a memorial and to be seen from the main approach down the hill. Six of the eight creatures represent heraldic beasts for William Botreaux who was born in the village in the early 1380s and survived Agincourt, he died in 1462 in North Cadbury. He was most likely the benefactor for the works, which stylistically date from after his demise. It would be good to know if he left a sum in his will for the improvements.

After recording and trials we carried out extensive repairs to the blistering stonework by gentle cleaning and lime mortar repairs.

Nell pickering and Samantha Peacock cutting out decay

Above. Grotesque No 1 looks like he may be playing a set of bagpipes. With his Plantagenet fringe and cheery disposition he looks like he would have been the heart and soul at a church ale. We have encountered pipe players before, at Seend Church and also at Lacock.

Nell Pickering and Samantha Peacock (SPAB fellow) carefully cutting out decay.