Camden Crescent Corinthian Capital Repair project, Bath

A campaign of work to a private house on Camden Crescent, which was was built by John Eveleigh in 1788; it was originally known as Upper Camden Place. Numbers 6 to 21 have been designated as a Grade I listed buildings. In 1889 a landslide demolished 9 houses at the east end of the crescent. The remains of the houses were demolished and removed to allow Hedgemead Park to be built. This means that the central feature of the crescent is no longer in the middle. The capitals were severely polluted and smoke blackened. Once cleaned with a poultice method they were brought back to life with a mix of lime mortar repairs to the acanthus leaves and newly carved stone volutes that have replaced missing or salt damaged originals.

Severely smoke blackened and polluted acanthus leaves - before and after repair.

This picture shows a polystyrene maquette of each volute was modelled up prior to carving in our workshop and the new volute fixed into position.

Nell's carefully considered putty lime mortar repair mix was a huge success.