Minerva Stone Skillbase

What we can do for you

Expert surveys to historic buildings

As well as report writing and providing condition surveys at ground level, Minerva has many years experience of employing rope access abseil techniques for both small scale conservation repairs and also assessments for condition surveys.

We can photograph, assess and measure to any level of detail.

Reports can be written for the preparation of schedules of work. We can also provide a rapid response to emergency work.

We use many types of surveying and investigative techniques to illustrate a buildings defects.

We can prepare and provide:

Structural defect diagnosis.

Surveying with a cover meter quickly identifies the presence (or otherwise) of corroding iron cramps and tie bars. These are typically found within Church monuments and areas such as Church tower parapets, spirelets or spires.

Weather vanes are a common problem as metal support fixings can cause much damage to stonework.