Stone repair and new masonry.

Our philosophy is one of ‘minimum intervention’ and we always aim to save as much original fabric as possible, but with the elements of the building that bare the brunt of the weather such as cills, string courses and mullions replacement and copings (below) may be the only option if the integrity of the stone has been lost.

Our in house team of stone masons and conservators possess a range of skills for the repair of old buildings and are able to work independently and sensitively to judge whether an element's function has been lost and needs replacing.

Below - before and after images of cleaned and conserved C18th Talbot hound, New street Mells, Somerset.

Below before and after images of new pinnacle, St Mary's Church, Yarlington Somerset.

New rose window to replace storm damaged. The United Reformed Church, Devizes, Wiltshire.

The images below are from a Gothick gardners cottage on the Farleigh estate, the HQ of Bath Rugby. After the rebuilding of the facade, we turned the ball finials on a lathe whilst the merlons and embrasures were worked on site. We managed to find many missing elements in rubble piles and hedges etc.